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16,000 Square ft Indoor Trampoline Park at Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels, Texas

Tuesday Night Dodgeball

As always EVERY Tuesday night from 5pm-9pm we have Dodgeball on the back trampolines. Bring your team of four players. Registration starts at 5pm and Games begin at 6pm. Even if you are not playing everyone can get four hours in the Gym for normal session price. All the other areas are open as normal when your team is not up for a dodgeball game. There are usually pick up games of volleyball going on as well!

More Information and a video can be found here!


Saturday July 25th
Closing at 7pm for JAWs showing on cable lake

Saturday Aug 8th
Closing at 7pm for JAWs showing on cable lake

Daily Specials


Middle School Mondays

Jump All Day for Session Price, Details below!
Not Available March 16th, 2015

Book Your Party Online

You can now book your Birthday Party or group up to 30 people online!
No confetti or Ice cream at birthday parties.
Party jumpers must be 6+ years old except for designated times.